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Conquering and developing Pantheons is a task of such enormous scale that it can only be attempted by a highly organized Coalition of Archons. You must either join an existing Coalition or found your own, if you wish to join in the battle for control over Pantheons. \n\n

Pantheons can be found throughout the lands of Hellas. Conquer and hold the Pantheons for great fame and glory - the sum of their controlled territory will be the sole factor in determining your Coalition's position in the Coalition Rankings and influence over the Imperial Map. Be aware that Pantheons may be heavily defended by Xerxes' fearsome army, or even rival Coalitions - attempting a successful attack will require careful planning and execution. Upgrading a Pantheon increases its Defensive Bonus and its Range (the amount of surrounding territory it controls). \n\n

Once a Coalition has occupied a Pantheon, its members must pool their Resources toward its development. Every member of a Coalition can contribute Resources towards the Pantheon's next development Level. Go to the Embassy and open the "Pantheons" tab to manage your Coalition's occupied Pantheons. You will receive new updates about your Coalition's Pantheons in your reports.

Unit Avatar Unit Stats Description
Unit type Infantry Unit
Offense 20
Infantry Defense 60
Cavalry Defense 20
Occult Units Defense 20
Bestiary Units Defense 20
Carrying Capacity 40.0
Food Consumption 0.0 Food per hour
Speed 12.0 mph

The Children of Balur, Orcs are the corrupted spawn of those once dragged below into darkness by the dark God of Chaos.

Twisted by generations of torture and Balur's malign influence, they were unleashed upon Darkshine on the day of Day of Eclipse.