Operation: Tornado's Surprise

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Operation: Tornado's Surprise

Heads up, Commander!

It is time to mount up for Operation: Tornado's Surprise. It is your chance to bring it and settle old scores with your enemies! There is no time to wait! This is a unique opportunity to earn rewards for attacking your nemesis. The rules are simple: raid as many Sectors as you can, destroy enemy Units, capture Deposits and Emitters and defend your own to receive rewards.

Commanders who succeed will receive Experience Points, Units, Tech Nodes, Protocrystals and Cryonic Containers with special Serums!

Remember: your reward depends on how many Enemy Troops you destroy. Attacking and defending Infestations will not count towards the rankings, only those Units destroyed when challenging other players counts in this mission! Also, only Player versus Player (PvP) points affect your position in the rankings for this quest.

The best-performing Commanders will receive massive rewards!

Mount up, focus, monitor your comms and advance to contact!

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