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Unit Tables

Base Values

This table shows the base statistical values for the standard offensive units. Various upgrades for these units/values are possible. You may increase speed and reduce production time via the Academy. You may upgrade the unit to a better version of the unit via captured Pantheons. Grain consumption can be reduced by the Temple of Demeter as well as inside the academy. For these reasons, the values listed here may not reflect what the game is showing you, however base values provide a valuable tool for comparing units and deciding which to use for specific purposes. Of particular note in this table is the various speeds of each unit. We see that Macedonian Calvary are very fast and thus make excellent raiding units but the Agema Horseman and Myrmidon are not too far behind them.

Roman Update - The addition of Roman units provides us with two more very fast units allowing players to opt for Infantry or Heavy Infantry units for fast raiding parties. Roman units require the use of Denarii and thus their training is throttled by the speed with which the Argentarium produces Denarii. You may opt to use Drachmas to create Denarii instantly if you chose. Looking at just basic stats, the Roman units would appear to be best for their Type, but see the comparison section for further details.

Name Type Offense Light Infantry Defense Heavy Infantry Defense Phalanx Defense Cavalry Defense Carrying Capacity Grain Consumption Speed Production Time
Swordsman Light Infantry 40 12 5 5 5 20 1 6 5
Hoplite Light Infantry 60 12 12 8 8 33 1 12 8
Hero Light Infantry 50 60 60 60 60 40 0 12 0
*Gladiator Light Infantry 75 14 14 14 14 60 1 24 12
Myrmidon Heavy Infantry 240 30 80 30 30 145 2 18 30
Spartan Hoplite Heavy Infantry 360 80 30 30 30 239 2 12 45
*Legionnaire Heavy Infantry 360 80 80 100 100 239 1 24 54
Sarissophoros Phalanx 720 80 100 100 80 527 3 12 90
Spartan Promachos Phalanx 900 80 80 100 100 727 3 12 113
Scythian Marauder Cavalry 100 100 100 100 100 750 1 90 NA
Macedonian Cavalry Cavalry 1440 144 43 43 144 1275 4 24 180
Agema Horseman Cavalry 1680 144 43 43 144 1636 4 18 210

Resource and Offense Comparisons

This table details the various costs associated with the units and provides some comparison between units based on Offense per selected statistic. It is this table that reveals some interesting facts about the various units. First, the Swordsman is the cheapest unit to make per offense point (not just in total resources). This means that the Swordsman makes for excellent fodder to test defenses or steadily wear away at heavily fortified city. Next we find that if you are going to purchase units with Diamonds (or heal them), then the Agema Horseman is your best value. Finally all units are roughly the same offense per minute, meaning that regardless of what you build, you will be building roughly the same offense strength over the same stretch of time. The one slight exception is the Hoplite which while important in the early game, will hold you back later on. In other words over 210 minutes you can produce 1 Agema Horseman or you can produce the equivalent strength of an Agema Horseman in Swordsmen. Obviously if you have the resources you can queue up units of each type and as demonstrated here if you wish to simply maximize the amount of offense you are putting out over a given period of time, you should keep the queue times on all of your buildings roughly the same.

Roman Update - Unfortunately Roman units require GP Articles for unlocking. We will update this section as soon as we have the information. Some things to note. Both Gladiator and Legionnaire are considerably slow to train even when not factoring in the required production of Denarii. Cost wise, the Gladiator appears to be cheaper even than the Swordsman. Regarding consumption, both units are best in their Types (aside from the Hero of course). Final verdict is that 1.) if you have the time and 2.) you are looking for Light or Heavy Infantry, these units are certainly worth training.

Name Class Timber Bronze Grain Total Resources Diamond Cost Offense per Diamond Offense by Resource Offense by Production Offense by Consumption
Swordsman Standard 90 150 60 300 8 5 0.13 8 40
Hoplite Standard 100 270 150 520 10 6 0.12 7.5 60
Hero Standard 0 0 0 0 NA NA NA NA NA
*Gladiator Roman 250 250 0 500  ?  ? 0.15 6.25 75
Myrmidon Standard 650 1080 436 2166 34 7.06 0.11 8 120
Spartan Hoplite Standard 720 1800 1000 3520 51 7.06 0.1 8 180
*Legionnaire Roman  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 6.67 360
Sarissophoros Standard 2370 3953 1500 7823 92 7.83 0.09 8 240
Spartan Promachos Standard 2175 5435 3000 10610 115 7.83 0.08 7.96 300
Scythian Marauder Drachma NA NA NA NA 384 0.26 NA NA 100
Macedonian Cavalry Standard 5700 9500 3800 19000 153 9.41 0.08 8 360
Agema Horseman Standard 5000 12277 7000 24277 166 10.12 0.07 8 420
  • Denotes a Denarii Unit. Denarii units are trained using the Denarii resource instead of the standard Timber, Bronze & Grain. Denarii is produced in the Argentarium exchanging 1 Timber and 1 Bronze for 1 Denarii. Base resource for Denarii units are therefore 50% Timber and 50% Bronze in amounts equal to the Denarii cost and 0 Grain. You will need to factor in the time to produce the Denarii when comparing the time to produce the units with other units.

Scythian Marauder

This unit is a Drachma only unit. You can not produce it using normal resources or via normal buildings. You must buy it directly from the market for 384 Drachmas each. As demonstrated in the above tables the Marauder is virtually worthless on offense with a paltry 0.26 Offense/Diamond Ration. It's it basically worth 1/10th of a Swordsman on offense. In other words DO NOT send it into real combat. It is rather a specialist unit that has a single purpose and any other uses outside that purpose will likely cost you a significant amount of Drachmas! The single purpose for which it is designed in extremely fast raiding of cities that you KNOW will not have any troops out but WILL have resources out. The reason is that this unit is by far the fastest unit in the game at a whopping pace of 90 which is almost four times as fast as the base pace of the Macedonian Cavalry. Alas it's carry capacity is only 750 which is roughly 3/5 the capacity of a Macedonian. You would need 67 (25,728 Drachmas) of them to carry 50k worth of resources. Needless to say, this is a Luxury item...but they sure can make quick work of your daily raids if you've done proper planning. Try not to throw them away raiding active targets though because 1.) they are expensive to replace and 2.) sending them with any other troop types defeats their purpose.

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