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To occupy other player's Sector, choose the number and type of Troops you want to send. If you succeed, your Troops will occupy the Enemy's Sector and you'll take a higher position in Occupation Rankings. Occupations can be overthrown in case the occupied player produces enough Troops or gets enough Reinforcements to defeat the occupying force's garrison. If your Sector has been occupied, you can still produce enough Troops to defeat the Invader or ask your Friends to send you Reinforcements. Occupation does not affect your Sector's life.

Occupation can be performed in three (3) ways:

From the map Description
  1. Click «Map» in your Sector.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the Sector you want to occupy.
  3. Choose «Occupy» on the Sector menu.

From inside the enemy's Sector Description
  1. Visit the Sector of the player you want to occupy.
  2. Click on the action menu on the right side of your screen
  3. Click «Occupy».

From the command HQ Description
  1. Go to the Command HQ.
  2. Open the «Contact» tab.
  3. Chose bookmark or enemies
  4. Choose «Occupy» from the action list.
  5. Click «Occupy».

Occupying other Bases allows you to prove your dominance over your rivals, place in the Occupation and Tribute rankings, and annex a percentage of your enemy's resources production. The Top 10 players in the weekly Occupations and tribute ranking may also earn Diamonds for holding their rank. Occupying an opponent won't automatically annex their base. Once annexed, these bases will offer you a percentage of either Fuel or Munitions

To annex a Base you have occupied:

  1. Go to the command center
  2. Open the garisons tab
  3. Select the resource type you want to collect from the occupied sector.

The Positions tab display the following informations on :

  1. All current occupied Deposits and Bases
  2. The amount of Resources currently ready for collection
  3. Time remaining until next collection
  4. Time remaining until the Deposit or Base's storage is full
  5. Number and type of Troops at each deposits or colonies

To collect all resources accumulated in an annexed Base, click collect when the button is active

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