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Appearance on the Imperial Map

Captured Pantheons will appear on the Imperial Map with the occupying Coalition’s logo. Pantheons that are abandoned, vacant or Xerxes controlled will appear without a logo, and indicate a Persian presence.

Interacting with Pantheons

From the Imperial Map

Place your cursor over any Pantheon on the Imperial Map to choose from a menu of possible actions:

  • Info – Opens the Pantheon Statistics window offering you the following tree tabs (owner dependant)
    • Pantheon
      • Send additional Resources and check the Pantheon development progress
      • Check the amount of Orichalcum your Coalition has earned
      • Transfer or redistribute Orichalcum to different Pantheons (rank dependant)
    • Garrison
      • Send Reinforcements to a Pantheon
      • Review all Units currently guarding a Pantheon
      • Open the Pantheon's tab of your Embassy inside your City
    • Upgrades
      • Select the number and type of units to upgrade
      • Review the Pantheon's Veteran Upgrade history with the Upgrade History button located on the Upgrades tab
    • Send Reinforcements
      • Send reinforcements to a Pantheon. This option is only available for Pantheons currently controlled by your Coalition. You cannot defend another Coalition’s Pantheon
    • Capture
      • Send a force to capture a Pantheon
      • Send a Coalition Attack to attempt to capture a Pantheon(rank dependant)
    • Scout
      • Attempt to scout a Pantheon
    • From The Embassy
      • The Embassy window allows you to view the stats of any Pantheon your Coalition currently holds by clicking the Pantheon's tab. You may also send Reinforcements to a desired Pantheon from this window.
    • Pop-up Action Menu
      • Use the Navigation Panel or Mouse Scroll from the Coalition or Regular Map to view a Pantheon's pop-up action menu.

From the Embassy

Note: To interact with a Pantheons from your Embassy, your Coalition must currently hold at least one Pantheon. Choose the Pantheon tab within the Embassy. From this view, you can:

  • View information on the number and type of Units currently garrisoned at any Pantheon occupied by your Coalition.
  • Redistribute Orichalcum to other Pantheons your Coalition controls (rank dependant)
  • View the Pantheon on the map by Clicking on its icon
  • Visit the Pantheon Stats by clicking the GO button underneath the Pantheon Icon


If a Coalition completely withdraws from a Pantheon, it will remain vacant until the Persian forces attempt to reoccupy the Pantheon. It will then begin to grow in Persian forces gradually until it becomes fully garrisoned.

The complex will fall back one Level upon capture by another Coalition, and remain at its current level while the Persians hold it.


  • Coalition A holds a Level 3 Pantheon while it disbands
    • All Garrisoned troops will return to their owner's cities, abandoning the Pantheon
    • The Pantheon remains vacant until the Persians attempt to retake it.
    • The Pantheon remains at Level 3
  • Coalition B occupies the Pantheon
    • The Pantheon becomes the property of Coalition B
    • The Pantheon downgrades to Level 2

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