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The Calculation system for the Offensive and Defensive rankings has been improved and modernized in order to enhance your game play whilst also ensuring we all have a fairer system to operate in.

The Basic rules for the current modification:

Your ranking points are now in proportion to the strength of the troops destroyed in any battles. The new ranking mechanics apply to all units inclusive of all battles. Ranking points do not depend on experience points any more. The same experience points apply as before these changes. At the same time, the amount of ranking points you receive will depend on the battles you are involved in, the types and amounts of units that you use.

Key Points are as follows:

  • Ranking points are now proportionate to the strength of killed troops.

Earlier when a player killed 10k Riflemen with a total offensive power of 10,000 * 40 it would equal 400,000 and he or she would receive 10k ranking points , and when a player killed 1,000 AH-72 Thunderheads, for example; with a total offensive power of 1.68 million, he or she would receive 4000 points.

  • As you have consistently pointed out, this system is not fair, so we have moved now to rectify this.

The new formula is as follows: The amount of ranking points is proportionate to the offensive/defensive power of killed units, so when a player destroys one AH-72 Thunderhead he will receive 20 times more ranking points than ever before.

  • For smaller battles, ranking points are significantly lowered.

In line with the new formula, when you send 1000 attacks using 1 Rifleman for each attack you will receive 0 ranking points, but if you attack using 1000 Riflemen in one attack you will receive a solid bonus to the ranking. Let's take a look at an example:


Both Player A and Player B killed 10,000 Mz-29 Firedrakes. But Player A had one battle in which he killed 10,000 Mz-29 Firedrakes and Player B had 100 battles where he killed 100 Mz-29 Firedrakes for each attack.


Player A will receive more ranking points and his position will be higher in the rankings. Given the points calculations would only apply to defensive and offensive rankings.