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=Update: December 19, 2014=

This week, we have fixed some bugs and made the following important updates:

-Updated Mercenary Bar: improved user interface and minor fixes;

-Improved Unit interface: Unit stats are now displayed at the Black Market;

-Executive Activator fixes: From now on, by double-clicking on an Executive Activator you will purchase and activate the item from the Black Market;

-Filter fixes: From now on you won't have to adjust a filter in the Radar screen once you've sent Units on a mission.

=Update: December 11, 2014=

This week, we have fixed some bugs and made the following important updates:

-Updated alert messages: You will no longer be annoyed by pop-up messages! From now on, some of the alerts will be shown as notifications in the bottom corner of the screen

-Users banned in the chat: From now on, you will be able to see when users have been banned in the chat system

New Combine Achievements! Acquire Top Ranking Positions!

New Achievements and new Combine Ranking mechanics are now in effect!

Commanders are advised to ready their troops and prepare for battle immediately – the Combines that act quickly will be able to earn these new Achievements before their rivals!

The new Achievements are as follows:

1. Mobilizers. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must hire Units that are worth the indicated number of Power Points.

2. Destroyers. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must attack and defend the indicated number of Locations.

3. Raiders. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must gain the specified amount of Resources from Raids.

4. Performers. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must complete the set number of Special Operations.

5. Angels of Death. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must destroy rival Units that are worth the indicated number of Power Points.

6. Engineers. To earn this Achievement, a Combine must upgrade Mining Complexes the indicated number of times.

Having completed an Achievement, each Combine will be given their rewards, along with individual rewards for each participating Combine Member. Remember; there are two types of Achievement Bonuses – Combine Bonuses and Individual Bonuses!

If you do not see your recent progress reflected in the Rankings, don’t worry – all stats related to Rankings and Dominance Points are updated every 30 minutes!

Dominance Points

These Points determine each Combine's position in the Combine Rankings!

Dominance Points are calculated as follows:

1. By converting the territory of a Combine's conquered Mining Complexes into Dominance Points. A 100:1 ratio is used for conversion, so 1 sq. km of territory equals 100 Dominance Points;

2. By taking into account a Combine’s Achievements. Up until now, a percentage bonus was applied to a Combine’s territory based on its Achievements. Combines will still benefit from this bonus, but now it will be applied to their Dominance Points instead;

3. Each Achievement will now have its own additional reward, in terms of Dominance Points, that will be added to a Combine’s total number of Dominance Points. Power Points

Power Points are a unique value assigned to each Unit in the game, based on and relative to its respective Offensive or Defensive value. Power Points are used to make progress towards certain Achievements, and also play a significant role in the base calculation for experience points earned during battles.

=Update:December 5, 2014=

New Class Rankings!

All Commanders will be sorted into Classes based on their Experience Levels: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, or Expert. The Classes are determined at the beginning of the PvP Operation, and Commanders will not switch Class brackets, regardless of how much they level up during the course of the Operation.

When the PvP Operation is complete, those who occupy the top positions in each of the Class Rankings will earn huge rewards! This way, novice players have a chance to earn big rewards, as well. However, be advised: the size of the rewards does increase with the Experience Level of the Class bracket.

=Update: December 4, 2014=

Inviting Friends is now easier and more convenient than ever before!

Effective immediately, Commanders are authorized to use Links to invite Friends!

Go to the Recruit Depot, click the “Invite Friends” button and either:

- Send your Friends the Links given at the bottom of the window;

- Click on the “Share via Facebook” button.

Pasting the links on any website will provide big rewards for both you and your friends!

=Update: December 3, 2014=

This week, we've fixed some bugs and made the following important updates:

- Chat interface has been redesigned;

- Improved Military building interface: If you don't have enough Resources to purchase a Unit, you will see which Resource is missing in the Military building interface;

- Daily Roll Call Message: Players will be notified in the global chat system when a user logs in for 60 and 90 days in a row. Moreover, once a week, a message will be broadcast with a list of Commanders who have completed the Daily Roll Call period;

- An "Update" button has been added to the Logistics Exchange;

- A new "Distance" filter has been added to the Joint Ops Center;

- Updated "Stimulants" mechanics: We've improved the user interface for your convenience!

=Updates: November 26, 2014=

This week, we have fixed some bugs and made the following important updates:

- In the Sick Bay, you can now see the stats of your troops that can be healed.

- If there's a prerequisite Contract that you haven't yet negotiated for the unit or building you’re trying to create, you will be immediately redirected to that Contract.

- You will get rewards for EACH day you log into the game. No blank days anymore.

- A new filter has been added to your private messages. You can now filter all messages from players below Level 20. Be aware that this filter is not available for Combine Chief Executive Officers or Operations Officers.

- A new "Associates" filter has been added to the Rankings.