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== Monthly Chronos Quests ==
== Monthly Chronos Quests ==
- Complete X Daily Chronos Quests
- Complete X Daily Chronos Quests

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Daily Chronos quests


There are few types of Daily Chronos quests. It's important to say that request of quest depends of the level from the player. Higher level, higher request. Duration: 24hrs

-Attack or defend X Persians Positions succesfully;

- Activate your Dominion Status;

-Break X equipment Items;

-Complete X quests from the Quests Interface;

-Complete X succesful spying missions Enemporia;

- Complete X Divine Quests;

-Construct or upgrade X buildings (quest for players with lower level);

-Collect X resources (drachmas) from Emporia;

-Collect X resources (Grain,Timber,Bronze,Denarii) from Emporia;

- Collect X resources (Grain,Timber,Bronze) from raids;

-Defeat Persian Units worth 150.000 Power Points;

- Defeat units worth X;

-Defeat X challengers with your Phylarch;

- Earn X EXP points;

-Place in the TOP 10 of your coalition rankings for a coalition missions;

- Respond to 1 Attack request from your Coalition;

- Respond to 20 building help request from your Coalition;

-Train X units (Myrmidons) ; (Sarissophoros); (Hoplites); (Promacho's);

Weekly Chronos quests

Duration: 7 days.

- Complete X (mostly 25) Daily Chronos Quests;

- Defeat Enemy Units worth X power points;

- Defeat Class II Equipment Item to level 3 or higher;

- Defeat Persian units worth X power Points;

Monthly Chronos Quests

Week chronos.jpeg

- Complete X Daily Chronos Quests

- Complete Weekly Chronos Quests

- Invite 10 friends to the game

- Get to the TOP 50 of the weekly rrankings in any category

- Get 50000 Drachmas from he Bank