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There are three primary and four secondary types of Resources in the game :

Primary Resources

Secondary Resources
Glory Points (GPs)

Secondary Resource Usage and Acquisition

  • Scrolls

Scrolls are rewarded for leveling and Persian Position quests completion. Needless to say they are quite limited in number so spend them wisely. Though, do note you never lose Scrolls and if you mess up on your Academy tree, you have the option to spend drachmas to fix it (first time is free).

Spending Drachmas is done through the Academy. Simply open the Academy and allocate your Scrolls one at a time to available and open study improvements. There are several types of improvements: Most of the improvements are for Troop Movement Speed Boosts and Troop Production Speed Boosts. Additionally there are studies for decreasing tower repair time, reducing agreement update completion time (2), increasing available hero slots, grain consumption reduction, increasing the amount of Colonies, reducing veterancy cost (not implemented yet!), and increasing the amount of combat experience received in battle. Every basic unit in the game has corresponding Movement and Speed boosts which are unlocked in similar succession to their agreement sequence. You must unlock each tier group with a few Scrolls as well. By far the most important improvement (because it's the only one that can actual boost the strength of your army and over come grain production shortages) is the grain consumption reduction improvement. You will however have to make your way through a series of movement speed boosts before you get to grain consumption reduction. It is however well worth the effort to get there.

  • Drachmas

Drachmas are discussed in the premium content section below

  • Denarii

Denarii are a special Roman coin used almost exclusively outside of the Greek World. Valued much more highly by the Roman Warriors than our Greek Drachmas, only these may be used to source help from the lands of Rome to the West. To collect Denarii, first construct the Argentarium. Here you may exchange Timber and Bronze for Denarii and spend them on new Roman Warriors, including Gladiators, Velites, Triarii, and Legionnaires.

  • Glory Points (GPs)

GPs are a unit acquired for specific accomplishments in game. They are not produced by buildings and cannot be purchased directly with Drachmas. Instead you must participate in Global Quests, Campaign Quests, Solo PvP Quest, and similar events to earn these. Once you have acquired these, they may be spent in the Market primarily to purchase Articles for more advanced unit types. Note that this is the only way to unlock these more advanced units and you are thus highly encouraged to participate in any event that provides GPs.

Premium Content

Drachmas are an Archons best friend. Not only are they shiney, but they boost almost anything an Archon can think of, making all functions under the Archon's watchful eye work faster and more efficiently. But, there are a finite amount of Drachmas an Archon can procure without finding some other means to get them.

All Archons who stay diligent to their city will get Diamonds. There will not be very many, however. But once an Archon has them, he should decide wisely where to use them. The Market is a tempting place that is full of really...VERY nice things that typically make Archons need to change their gear from all the drooling and...well....nevermind. However, those very nice items come at exceedingly expensive prices, all paid for with Drachmas. Only those commanders who have a substantial reserve of Drachmas in stock should consider spending them here.

Drachmas give you extra advantages in the game, they are a premium resource that can be spent to speed up certain game actions, purchase units and Premium Content and cut out most of the time-consuming processes from your game play.

You can use them to:

  • Boost the rate of your building construction, Agreement Updates and Unit training
  • Purchase Resources, Units or Agreement Articles at the Market
  • Purchase Defensive buildings and decor
  • Purchase Artisans that add additional construction & upgrade queues to your City, which will allow you to upgrade or add multiple buildings or upgrades simultaneously

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