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Premium Content

Drachmas give you extra advantages in the game, they are a premium resource that can be spent on various premium features.

Premium features include:

  • Boosting the rate of your building construction, Article upgrades and unit production
  • Purchase Resources, Units or Agreement Articles through the Market
  • Purchase Fortifications and Décor
  • Purchase Artisans that add additional construction & upgrade queues to your Base, which will allow you to upgrade or add multiple buildings simultaneously


Players can earn Drachmas as rewards by completing tasks in the game or leveling up. You may purchase additional Drachmas at the Bank by selecting the Bank Button at the top of the screen.

Drachmas can also be acquired by:

  • Controlling a Drachma Vault
  • Logging into the game for five days consecutively
  • Place in the top 10 Ranks each week
  • Completing Achievements
  • Earned through Trial Play
  • Placing high in the Global Quests

Quest Rewards

After completing quests or achievements, all Drachmas received for the reward and achievements are added to your account automatically. If you’ve completed the requirements from a ‘Build Units’ bonus task, the Drachmas will be added immediately when the indicated number of Units (100, 1000, etc) have finished construction – even if you are not currently playing or logged out. When you log back into the game, you’ll get a ‘Task Complete/Achievement Complete’ message and the Drachmas will have been added to your Bank balance.

Drachma Vaults

Drachma Vaults can be occupied, controlled and exploited to bring in a steady income of Drachmas. You can search for Drachma Vaults from the Oracle building on your city, under the Colonies tab. Filter your results to show Drachma Vaults for best results.

Consecutive Play

Just by logging into Sparta, you receive Drachmas for your continued war efforts. Each day you log in, you will receive an update as to how many days remain until your next reward.

Trial Pay

With Trial Pay you can earn Drachmas for free by completing advertiser offers. The type of offer and the amount of Drachmas vary and are randomly generated. Some offers require only watching a video others require you to sign up for services or order products. The amount of Drachmas earned corresponds to the commitment incurred by the offer. Note that these offers are totally optional and you do not have to participate them. It is just another method of obtaining Drachmas at your discretion.


Players may not trade, exchange or gift Drachmas to other Players. Drachmas can never be seized by an enemy during a raid or annexed during occupation.


If, after checking your purchases, you are absolutely certain there has been an error and the Drachmas have failed to add to your balance, please contact Customer Support.

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