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Pirates: Tides of Fortune FAQ

How do I start the game over?

You can't. There are no dead ends in the game, and there is also no restarting on the same account. Don't worry: even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, you can always develop your Haven up to a higher level and fulfill all of Captain O'Malley's Tasks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order that they're given or you'll slow down your Haven's development by using up your resources too fast. If this happens, just wait awhile until you collect enough to continue.

How do I modify or destroy existing buildings?

Click the "Edit" button in the top right-hand panel. You can move all of your structures, but only Fortifications and Improvements can be permanently deleted once they have been constructed. Remember that you can expand your Haven if you find yourself running out of space. You can also upgrade Fortifications to higher levels.

What does "Blockade" mean?

Blockading other Havens proves you're stronger than your rivals and lets you place in the Blockade Rankings. The Top 10 players are rewarded with Rubies every week. Blockading an opponent does not eliminate them - it simply negatively impacts their rankings until they are either liberated or cease playing the game.

Where did Cpt. O'Malley's Reinforcements go?

The Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley's Reinforcements are in your Pirate Haven. Open the "My Haven" tab at the Pirate Stronghold to view them. You can't command someone else's Reinforcements.

Why did I acquire 0 Resources after my last Raid?

There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources than can be gained from looting (or gifting) between two Havens. You may sail back and Raid this Haven again next week. Resources are recalculated every 7 days.

Can buildings be destroyed?

No, they can't. You lose only Crew and Resources if you fail to defend your Haven. The stronger the enemy force is, the more units and Resources you will lose during a defeat - but your buildings will be untouched. You can re-position all buildings and improvements on your Haven, but the only things you may permanently destroy are Fortifications (to make room for higher level replacements).

How do I recall Units?

Go to your Pirate Stronghold and open the "Garrisons" tab. Click "Recall" and choose the number of units you want to recall.

Why do I need Rubies?

Rubies give you extra advantages in the game. You can: - Get a 3-day 25% boost to your Rum, Gold or Lumber production - Boost the rate of your building construction, Discoveries research, and Unit production - They allow you to produce Veteran units - Purchase Fortifications and Improvements - Expand your Haven Purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by selecting the ""Bank"" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get Rubies in lots of ways if you: Complete the game tasks. Level up. Play the game 5 days in a row. Take top Ranking positions. Get rewards for Foul Deeds.

How do I get more Rubies?

You can purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can also get Rubies by actions within the game: Completing the game tasks. Level up. Playing the game for 5 days in a row. Placing in the Top Ranking positions. Earn rewards for completing Foul Deeds. Or by capturing and holding a Ruby Cove.

Why do I need Resources?

You need Resources to research Discoveries, construct Buildings, and train and maintain new Units. Upgrade your Rum Cellar, Warehouse, Rum Distilleries, Gold Mines, and Lumber Yards to increase the rate at which you collect Resources. Place your mouse over "Resource" panel in the top left-hand corner of the screen to see how many Resources you're acquiring and expending per hour.

I run out of Rum all the time. Why is this happening?

If you constantly find yourself asking "Where's the rum gone?!", you're either carousing too much for a healthy pirate, or may simply need to up your production. All Buildings and Crew slowly consume Rum. You get a warning in your Naval Buildings if you don't have enough Rum to support new Units. Place your mouse over the "Resources" panel in the top left-hand corner of the screen to find out how many Resources you're acquiring or expending. If you do not have enough Rum to maintain your Units, they will gradually desert you. Upgrade your Rum Distilleries to keep the grog flowing and your crew loyal.

How do I expand without rubies?

Players can expand their Haven for friends up to 3 times. After that expansion requires Rubies.

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