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Once you have signed Stymphalos Level 3, you will begin to unlock the Carthaginian Units. These units are great units to produce when your grain production is high as they cost more grain to produce than their Greek counterparts. They also are very fast units. All of them are at least as fast as myrmadons, with Carthaginian Horseman even outpacing Macedonian Cavalry.

Unlocking Carthaginians


You will get daily articles for Cirta. Once you have collected all Cirta articles, you may produce Numidian Archers.


You must collect GPs from PVP Tournaments to be able to purchase the remaining Carthaginian articles: Sidon, Tyre, and Carthage. These three agreements unlock Sidonian Pikeman, Golden Shield Warriors, and Carthaginian Horseman. All four Carthaginian units must be signed in order from Cirta through Carthage.

Carthaginian Unit Base Values

Name Type Offense Light Infantry Defense Heavy Infantry Defense Phalanx Defense Cavalry Defense Carrying Capacity Grain Consumption Speed Production Time
Numidian Archer Light Infantry 15 30 30 30 30 20 2 54 7
Sidon Pikeman Light Infantry 75 14 14 14 14 60 2 72 10
Golden Shield Warrior Heavy Infantry 360 30 40 40 40 250 3 54 45
Carthaginian Horseman Cavalry 900 100 100 100 100 750 4 90 120

Carthaginian Unit Production Costs

Name Timber Bronze Grain
Numidian Archer 200 120 200
Sidon Pikeman 300 500 500
Golden Shield Warrior 1200 2100 2100
Carthaginian Horseman 4200 7000 7000

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