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Campaign: Chosen by the Fates


Archon, word of your exploits is spreading throughout Greece - and there are many in search of a leader. Should they come to you, do not refuse their council. I know of one such man - Orpheus. He is ambitious, vain, and a coward in a battle - but is cunning in the ways of politics and the hearts of the people. I can teach you only the ways of war - but he may be of some use if you wish to be more than just a warrior.

You must complete the regular Position missions in order to unlock new Campaign Missions. The level of Campaign Missions available to you is dictated by your progress on the normal Position missions. For example, Campaign Mission 12 is unlocked when you have successfully completed a level 48 Position. A full list of the Campaign Missions along with the required level of Positions can be found in the “Help” section. There are 24 Defensive Missions and 24 Offensive, making 48 Campaign Missions in total. You have unlimited time to complete each Campaign Mission, and the rewards are fixed at each level. Once you have completed either the Defensive or Offensive objective on the Campaign Missions, the remaining objective will be found in your Oracle, in the “Missions” tab.

SPOILER ALERT! The following documents full details of each mission including storyline text [With narration in brackets not found in game], rewards, required normal Persian Position levels and relative strengths.

A Legend Begins

Mission 1 Start


[This is the first time the player meets Orpheus. He bursts into the audience chamber, struggling against the guards. Orpheus then attempts a grand introduction of himself, attempting to sell his value as an asset to the player.]

[aside to guards, as if struggling] Unhand me, you philistines! I must speak to him! [he is released, takes a moment to compose himself, then starts with exaggerated humility] My apologies, noble Archon - I am Orpheus, the greatest singer in all the Ecumene. And you - [breathless pause] need no introduction. That regal profile, strong chin, commanding gaze – the tales are true. Archon, the fates have spoken to me – you are the one who must lead the cause for a free, united Greece. I humbly beg leave to aid you - to spread word of your feats that others will follow. But the people will need deeds, not just words. I beg of you - go to the aid of our allies in Ionia, that I may write a song of your victory!

Mission 1 End


[Orpheus updates the player on the battle, proud of the outcome. Speaks glowingly, extremely flatteringly of the player, over-complimentarily in order to get the player to agree to whatever he says.]

Magnificent! “The Savior of Ionia” - it practically writes itself! Give me a month, Archon, and I will turn you from a rumor into a King! You are destined for greatness - I see it in your eyes, in the way your men hang on your every word. Together, we shall unite the land behind you! [voice shift to sleazy salesman] Now, there is the small matter of my accommodations and my trifling monthly retainer… It’s all here on this scroll [sound of large scroll being unrolled on a table]... If you could just put your seal here… and here… yes, good... and here… [trails off]


Mission 2 Start


[Orpheus enters the player’s reception hall to deliver some news. Initially speaks confidently and positively - emphasizing the positive news. The negative sides are spoken about dismissively, as if they are just an annoyance.]

I bring you good news! Word of your rescue of Ionia has passed from the lowliest of craftsmen to the highest courts in Hellas. People everywhere whisper your name! [downplaying it as an afterthought] There is, however, just one tiny little thing... forcing the Persians out of Ionia has led them to take up positions near our frontier. The commoners are… concerned. But, no matter! What better opportunity to prove you can keep them safe? Go there, Archon - this calls for a demonstration of solidarity!

Mission 2 End


[More overly-complimentary comments for the player, raising their ego and attempting to convince them that they are better than everyone else - then switches into “publicist” mode.]

A great victory, Archon! Truly, seeing you command your troops on the battlefield is a thing to behold. The people of Greece are lucky to have one such as you. Ah! Good! The sculptor is here. Now, Archon, just step over there and don’t move - chin up. There we are. We need the light just… so. Perfect. I’ll be back in nine hours. Servants! [claps twice] The Archon is thirsty! Bring wine!

A Royal Entrance

Mission 3 Start

[Lanika bursts into the office, with Orpheus aside her. Orpheus speaks hurriedly, out of breath, trying to apologize to the player. Lanika then interrupts him, speaking confidently, proudly and loudly. Should be read as straight as possible.]


[rapid footsteps on marble floor] Sir, I couldn’t stop her! She just…


[Strong, confident, interrupts] Archon, hear me! I, Lanika, Queen and ruler of Tanais, request your aid in liberating my country and my people. Free my palace from the Persians, and if you are as great as they say, the strength of the Amazons shall be yours to command against Xerxes.


[Dismissive and hostile. Speaks as if her offer is ridiculous, and talks to the player as if rejecting her offer is the obvious, no-need-to-think answer.]

Archon, I must protest! Why help this tribe of savages when so many of our people are still held captive?! Madness!


[Still speaks confidently, although she has been greeted with hostility. Speaks respectfully to the player, but speaks dismissively in the sentence referring to Orpheus as his pet, almost disgusted by him.]

Very well, then let us free them first. Lead the way, Archon, my personal guard shall aid you – and bring your… pet. It is clear he has not yet seen my “savages” fight.

Mission 3 End

[Orpheus and Lanika return from their first battle “together”, coming back to the player to report on how it went. Lanika is bullish and proud, boasting about her people.]


Did I not tell you, Archon? My warriors are no strangers to combat - ask those of your people that we freed why they have chosen to side with me. Now, we have matters to discuss. My people can offer - [interrupted]


[Cuts off Lanika’s offer, already frustrated that they went on the last mission with her. He is annoyed and threatened by her influence over the player, and does his best to discredit and belittle her.]

Nothing. You can offer us nothing. Your “warriors” got lucky, nothing more. Be gone, and keep your new recruits, the Archon has no need of traitors. My lord, she knows nothing of tactics. If we wish to commit suicide, let us do it with Hemlock in a room surrounded by beautiful women – not by charging head-first into Persian spears for this… this savage. Archon, with all due respect - helping this tribe is, at best... unwise.

A Fool's Errand

Mission 4 Start


[Orpheus enters the player’s office with an offer - falsely apologetic, humble, yet calculating.]

A thousand pardons, Archon! I must apologize for my insolence. If it is your wish to aid this Queen Lanika, who am I to sway you? I was blinded by my concern for your wellbeing. Besides, now that Lanika has her own recruits, we have been presented with an opportunity. I’ve been reliably informed of the location of a vital shipment of enemy provisions. Let her prove her ability once more, by accompanying us to capture it.

Mission 4 End

[In this scene, Orpheus and the player are together in the player’s office, when Lanika returns from the joke mission that Orpheus sent her on. She is extremely angry.]


[sound of eating/chewing] Yes, very nice - Do you have any more chees… [sound of door slamming open] [Orpheus laughing] Ah, welcome back, Lanika. Did you find the “vital” provisions? I trust that you-


[Lanika interrupts, furious at being sent on such a frivolous and dangerous mission by Orpheus’ pettiness.]

You mean the wine? You risked the lives of my warriors for a shipment of wine?! [sound of Lanika unsheathing her sword, taking two steps, says the next lines through clenched teeth, quivering with rage] What gives you the right, you simpering dog?! If you ever needlessly endanger my people again, not even the crows will touch what I leave of you. [Turns to player in disgust, her rage spent, sheathes sword, changes tone] Archon, I see now that I have wasted my time here. Farewell.

A Woman Scorned

Mission 5 Start


[Orpheus walks into player’s office to give player some news, initially extremely calm, as if bored by the benign, nothing-news.]

Good day, Archon. So, nothing urgent on your schedule – we’ve a meeting with the council, the usual business with the merchants, and Lanika has left with the troops you granted her. She should arrive at the front in - [Orpheus reacts to the player’s surprised look, suddenly realizing this was unexpected news] What? What is it? Oh no. I knew it! I knew you wouldn't be stupid enough to give her command of so many! That lying – she told the council she had your permission! Hundreds of men and two of our best generals have gone with her to attack the Persians… if we hurry there may still be time to save them!

Mission 5 End


[Straight read, making a point to the player.]

Archon, this woman has disobeyed your direct orders and lied to the council in your name. Had you not intervened, she would have marched your best men into certain death. She has taken advantage of your forbearance and mercy. Speak, Queen - do you deny it?


[Speaking defensively and aggressively towards Orpheus.]

Was it not I who was first deceived? And what was your plan, Orpheus - to sit back and wait for the Persians to die of old age? [to player, in more respectful, but still defiant tone] Archon, would you not have done the same as I did for your people? Do we not both share a common enemy? If you wish to kill me, kill me. If you wish to save both our peoples, let us fight together. I make no apologies.

Take What You Need

Mission 6 Start


So, I’m alive and not in chains - does this mean we have an alliance? Good. If you wish to have the armies of Tanais behind you, it is time to rid my palace of Xerxes’ filth. How many ships do you have? [pause, then with a deadpan, “unimpressed” delivery] You’re joking, yes? [swears in foreign language under her breath] Keino pathai! [Kee-no pah-thaii] We cannot land enough men with so few. We must find more... and I know just where. The Persians leave their ships lightly guarded while at anchor, Archon. Assemble a force, and we will take what we need.

Mission 6 End


Archon, I thank the gods for our victory - but have we not put ourselves at greater risk? There is little doubt that the Persians won’t know what we’re planning. Lanika has set us on a dangerous course. [with reluctant admiration] Still -the way she led that attack… the woman truly has no fear. See how the men follow her. Reckless, dangerous - certainly... but brave.

A Call to Arms

Mission 7 Start


[First sentence she speaks respectfully and more withdrawn to the player, less commandingly than the previous mission - but still defiant and with self-belief.]

Archon, know that I grieve for your fallen - but we are this much closer to victory. We have the ships we need, and if you will come with me once again, I can bring more warriors to our cause. Xerxes has enslaved some of my retainers and is holding them at a city not far from here. If we travel through the night, we can catch the garrison off-guard and launch a full frontal assault at dawn. Think of how many new warriors you’ll have!

Mission 7 End


[Speaks almost in disbelief as to what is happening - cannot understand why the player keeps listening to Lanika.]

Again, sir? Forgive my insolence, but I cannot stress how much I wish you would consult with me before listening to Lanika - she cares nothing for our greater cause. Any loss we suffer helping her could still be a huge setback in the war. We cannot expect to continue winning battles with no overarching plan! I admire your passion, Archon, but we must think of the consequences. Maybe I was too quick to praise her after attack on the port...

The Liberation of Tanais

Mission 8 Start


[Speaks urgently, but not rushed or ruffled - still controlled and confident.]

Sir! We have reports that the captives at Lanika’s Palace are growing weaker by the day… [pauses, as if struggling with a decision] I - I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if we are to salvage anything from this “Lanika” situation, we must move quickly, or all will have been for nothing. A plan? Of course sir! I’ve sketched a map of the area based on her descriptions and given it to our generals – they believe it’s possible. With our new ships - and your leave, of course - we can launch the invasion at dawn.

Mission 8 End


[Basking in glory, vindicated by the valor of her warriors as they liberated the palace.]

Freedom! Did I not tell you of the might of the Amazons, Archon? They fought with their bare hands, slaying armed men bearing spears and bows and arr- [interrupted]



[initially speaking as if calming down an excited child, with slight sarcasm] Ahem. Yes, your highness, we were there too. [with grudging respect] Archon, I must agree - her people fought with great valor - they may prove to be fearsome allies after all. [grand, official] Queen Lanika, we have done as you have asked - now we ask that your people fight with that same energy for the Archon, as you swore.

Holding the Line

Mission 9 Start


[Initially straight read, just simply reporting to the player.]

Lanika and the elders of Tanais have signed the peace treaty between our two peoples, and today we shall - [hurried footsteps across a marble floor] Yes, what is it? [whispering] What? No! Archon! Xerxes has sent another force to try and retake the Palace! He’s trying to catch us off-guard before we settle… we must send aid immediately!

Mission 9 End


[Returning from the mission, extremely positive to the player, then backhanded compliments to Lanika. First instance of seeing even the smallest value in Lanika.]

Excellent work, Archon! The ones that survived will surely drown in the swamps. Let this day be another lesson to Xerxes …even Lanika’s army was moderately impressive. You know... for girls.


[laughs out loud] “For girls”!? [mock gratitude] Why, thank you, Orpheus. One day you must show us “girls” how you slay your enemies - we assumed it was with your singing.


Mission 10 Start


[Antsy, rushed and hurried, possibly out of breath initially - Orpheus runs to the player’s office with urgent news that they must act on quickly.]

Quickly, sir! We have news from one of our informants - he says a high-ranking Minister of the Persian Court is travelling almost unprotected in the hills just outside Thessas - one of our own cities, the fool. [excited and positive] The gods are smiling on us today; we’ll never get a better opportunity to catch one of Xerxes’ advisors. We must march at once!


[Straight read - awaiting orders.]

Archon, we stand ready to follow you – lead on.

Mission 10 End


[Initially hurried and loud.]

Archon! It was a trap! They knew we were coming - they ambushed us! They’ve taken Orpheus! [Defiant, strong, demanding] We have had our… disagreements; but nobody kidnaps one of OUR people. Who gave us the information? Give me his name, and I will find him. Do not fear - we will bring the singer back.

The Hunt

Mission 11 Start


[Straight, determined attitude - confident that she will make the traitor talk.]

We’ve found the traitor, Archon - he’s been living like a king on the Persian coast. Girls, wine, servants - even his own palace. It would seem Xerxes pays well for treason… let’s see that he doesn’t live long enough to enjoy it. I wish to lead a mission to drag him back to Greece, my lord. Give me an army to lead - he will tell me Orpheus’ location before he dies.

Mission 11 End


[Initially speaking as if disgusted by the traitor, before changing and speaking in a determined manner, aiming to put the player’s worries at ease.]

Pathetic. There is none lower in the eyes of the gods than a traitor. Oh, he spoke of Orpheus. [darkly] He spoke of many things, by the end... I will spare you the details - but we have Orpheus's location and stand ready to march, Archon. We shall bring him back.

Home or Hades

Mission 12 Start


[Speaking confidently, relaxed and determined - there’s no way they’ll not bring Orpheus home.]

The time has come, Archon. My people and I are in your debt, and we stand ready to repay it with the blood of our warriors. We have a plan, one of which even Orpheus would be proud. Come to us at first light - we will bring Orpheus home, or die trying.

Mission 12 End


[Orpheus has just been freed from captivity, extremely grateful and surprised that he is still alive. In the scene, he’s just been brought in front of the player for the first time.]

Archon, I feared you wouldn’t come! I cannot find the words to thank you, sire. [pauses, as if user is talking] You mean, this… this was all Lanika’s idea? [For once, at a loss for words.] Well… I… I thank you, Lanika… I had no right to expect such- Lanika? Are you well?


[Wiping the tears from her eyes, speaking proudly and strongly - NOT aggressively - not wanting to hear that it’s a sign of weakness.]

It’s nothing. Tears of exhaustion. Tears of victory. It happens when you fight without rest for three days straight... Not something you would know anything about, singer. Be silent.

Foul Water

Mission 13 Start


[Starts off fairly straight, before becoming proud/bragging about his own resilience.]

Archon, when I was being held captive I overheard the Persian officers discussing their plans - they were careless, assuming I’d be dead - little did they know my cunning and fortitude, my dedication, my… [trails off under player’s withering stare, before realizing he’s rambling and continuing with the story] Sorry, yes - they plan to send an army to attack Thrace, have us move our forces to engage them, and then send their scouts to poison the city’s water supply. Lanika has offered to lead our army against the main force - with your leave, I shall prepare a surprise for the scouts.

Mission 13 End


[Proud, grand and eccentric - speaking to emphasize his exploits and the battle, as well as the player’s.]

Archon, Thrace is saved! With Lanika in command of our main force, we blunted the Persian attack - while my men made their scouts drink their own poison. They will trouble us no more. To think it, sire... Lanika and I, fighting together… but of course, our victory is due entirely to your wisdom in accepting our counsel. And if I may ask you, Archon… Lanika… did she [pauses], did she mention anything about me? I had a sword, you know. New armor too… I think I looked rather dashing.

A Necessary Evil

Mission 14 Start


[Worried, concerned for the people, and determined to put it right - against his character, he advises that the player should make an example of a traitor and kill him.]

Sir, there is fear among the people that Xerxes may send spies to poison other cities. Every merchant with an accent risks being mobbed in the street. We must restore order, and convince the people we have things well in hand. My people have identified a traitor in Attica, feeding information to the Persians. This very moment, he goes to meet a Persian cohort to receive his payment. [determined and decisive] We must make a public example of him, Archon. Show the people that you can sniff out treachery anywhere in Greece.

Mission 14 End


[Impressed at Orpheus’ ruthlessness.]

Orpheus, we might make a real man of you yet – that is how one should deal with traitors! Swiftly, without mercy –



[subdued and troubled] I thank you for your praise, Lanika… but ordering someone’s death is not something of which I am proud. But… we’re at war - desperate times call for desperate measures.

Nobility Obliges

Mission 15 Start


[Reads a letter out loud - calm, composed, straight read (obviously no emotional attachment).]

Archon, we’ve received a letter from the young Queen of Argolis. “Blessed Archon, my great father has passed, and I find myself upon a throne upon which I fear I am unable to defend. The Persians send envoys demanding our allegiance, and threaten us with destruction if we resist. I have no army large enough to defy Xerxes. We have nowhere else to turn. We can offer you nothing in return but our gratitude. Please, send aid with all -...” [interrupted].



[Decisive, direct, instructive tone - no discussion.] I’ve heard enough, Archon – I’ll ready the army. Guards! Bring me my armor!

Mission 15 End


[Cautiously optimistic, but still resignedly miffed at the recklessness of Lanika’s actions.]

Well, despite the rashness of the decision - we are victorious. I believe we will find the Queen of Argolis eternally in our debt. Lanika, that was reckless, even for you - may I ask why you- [interrupted by Lanika]



[finishes Orpheus’s sentence - defensive, passive aggressive] -Why I did the right thing? Because I have a sister, singer. Who do you think is ruling Tanais while I’m here? Should I fall, she could be writing such a letter in a fortnight. ...Besides, by protecting the weak we draw others to our Archon’s cause - or is that not the “strategy” of which you so often speak?

To Arms!

Mission 16 Start


[Straight read, but positive as if it’s a no-risk mission - Orpheus is turning from a balcony overlooking a crowd of volunteers.]

[Sound of a crowd of people outside – talking/cheering/etc, then doors slamming shut and a muted silence] Archon, can you hear them? The heart and soul of Greece has come forward to fight by your side - and not just soldiers! Peasants, helots, laborers – they’re all here, ready to take up arms! No experience, but such heart, Archon! Now… We don’t have enough weapons to arm them all, but I dare say that an army of Persian dead will have no further need of theirs… Ready an army, sire – we will seize them for ourselves!

Mission 16 End


[Finding some amusement in the fact that Orpheus’ plan is one of which, if she had said it, he’d have rejected.]

To think, Orpheus calls me reckless - and here he is arming peasants and helots! [serious, agreeing with his tactics] For what it’s worth, I see no other choice. Only by Greece rising as one can we hope to match the Persian numbers. [laughs] I’m surprised at our little singer - he’s beginning to sound almost like a leader...

Sharpening the Blades

Mission 17 Start


[Serious, respectful to the player, but dismissive of the people they’ve armed. Annoyed that they are feeling like it will be an easy task.]

Arming the people is only half the task, Archon. Without proper training, we’d be better off arming our livestock, for all the good they’ll do. I’ve been among them - heard them boasting about how many warriors they’ll kill in battle. [snorts dismissively] You watch. Half will drop their weapons at the first sound of the Persian drums. Archon, we must test them. I say we send them on a raid - it’s better we find the cowards at a time of our choosing than be caught unprepared.

Mission 17 End


[Aghast at the horrible casualties sustained.]

Brutal, Archon - such casualties... But Queen Lanika was right - better they learn of war at the enemy’s gates than at their own. When we face Xerxes’ full strength, those that walked away victorious today will thank you.

Vantage Point

Mission 18 Start


Lanika reports that the new troops are as ready as they’ll ever be, Archon. Our plan is to send them to Magnesia Point to secure it from the Persians - if they take the tower there, they’ll have a clear vantage point for miles in every direction. We won’t be able to move so much as an oxcart without them knowing about it, much less an army. We can march within the hour... [as if he’s forgotten to ask approval of the player, then remembers he should ask and that he ISN’T the leader] with your approval, of course.

Mission 18 End


[Orpheus has returned from battle victorious - he’s extremely excited and obviously smitten with Lanika.]

The point is ours! You should have seen us today, sire - our troops were magnificent! And Lanika! She was a vision! Such grace, Archon - when she fights it’s like watching a dancer… every step, every move - effortless. I’ve never seen her equal. And her eyes, Archon… [trails off dreamily, then suddenly remembers who he’s talking to, moves on visibly embarrassed] Yes, well, excuse me. [clears throat] It’s all in there in my report.

Ares' Price

Mission 19 Start


[Lanika is asking to take the army to the Temple of Ares to receive his blessing.]

Our men are begging to fight Xerxes’ main force, Archon - they’ve grown bold on tales of great Spartan victories to the south. I, too, wish to meet this “God-King” and see if he bleeds - but not without making a sacrifice at the Great Temple of Ares in Thessaly. We will need his favor in the weeks ahead. The road there is thick with Persian forces – we’ll need to cut our way through thousands if we are to perform the rites.


[Stuttering, uncharacteristically nervous and distracted.]

Wha- what? Ye… Yes. Blessings. Whatever she says, Archon. To the Temple it is!

Mission 19 End


[Noise of her pushing great wooden doors open, storming into the player’s reception hall.]

How dare he, the bastard! Archon, your singer has gone mad! [slight pause] What happened? The idiot proposed to me at the Temple of Ares is what happened! I, of royal blood, with a country to rule, a war to win and - he’s a… a… he’s Orpheus! [dismissive, matter of fact] Naturally, I struck him for his stupidity and gave him no answer - such foolishness can wait until after the war.

A Quest for Knowledge

Mission 20 Start


Orpheus and I have discussed it - [slight pause as if the player raised a questioning eyebrow at her, then she reacts with mild annoyance] yes, together... we are not children, Archon - and we both feel that we must gather more information before we can move decisively against Xerxes. We need maps of his positions, battle plans, ship routes… anything we can get our hands on. We ask your leave to intercept and kill one of the Persian cohorts, so that we may search their officers for documents.

Mission 20 End


Success, Archon! We know where most of the Persian fleet is, we know where he’s strengthened their defenses, how many supplies they have-



We know everything, and…


[Interrupts again, finishing her sentence - giving her full credit for the idea.]

-And we have [emphasis] Lanika and her plan to thank for it.

From Ships to Ashes

Mission 21 Start


Archon, we feel that it’s time we put the information we’ve gained to use! [starts speaking rhetorically] Now, we all agree that Persia’s greatest strength is in the inexhaustible numbers of its army, yes?


[Picks up the train of thought, smoothly picking up from Orpheus’ question.]

...But, what if Persia were suddenly unable to transport, reinforce, or resupply that army? It would wither and die.


[Drives home the point.]

Yes! [dramatic pause] Sir, we know where Xerxes’ ships are – if we burn them, we can isolate his main force and grind them down at our leisure!

Mission 21 End


Archon, I confess I once took our singer here for a manipulative little - [slight pause as she cuts herself off] well, let’s just say I was wary of those who flatter and speak of destiny... but maybe the fates did call us to you. Today you dealt our enemies a wound they will not soon forget. Kings have been crowned for less.


[Taken aback at the veiled pseudo-compliment.]

Th- thank you, Lanika. She speaks the truth - we are blessed and humbled to serve one such as you, and the people have taken notice. Many Archons speak of great deeds - none have followed them with such actions. We are yours in life or death, Archon.

An Eye for an Eye

Mission 22 Start


Archon, we’ve received a message from Xerxes! “Well done,” he says. “... You have burned many of my ships. I shall have to build more. How fortunate that I ordered the rest to retake the Kingdom of Tanais. Tell your Queen Lanika that my generals thank her for her hospitality, and that her sister sends her greetings...” Archon, he’s taken Tanais! My sister! Archon, I must –



Fear not, my dearest Lanika - I, Orpheus, am the man to free your sister! You must not leave the Archon without his finest general. Give me some men, Archon - I beg you. Let me repay the dishonor I have shown our Queen!

Mission 22 End


I.. I bear terrible news - Orpheus freed my sister, but his wounds were so many-… they festered on the voyage home. [composes herself, as bravely as she can] My Orpheus is dead, sire... not yet knowing my answer. He was a man of vision and bravery. I will not hear it spoken otherwise… and I will have my vengeance.


Mission 23 Start


I mourn for Orpheus, Archon… but his death will not go unpunished. Buy me some time. I will go in secret to rally the armies of Greece to you - if we are to attack, it must be now, before Xerxes rebuilds his resupply fleet. Lead an army to strike at his flank - force his attention to the south, towards Sparta, as I gather reinforcements from the north for our main attack. This was Orpheus’ dream, Archon. We will not let it die.

Mission 23 End


All is ready, Archon – every man in Greece old enough to hold a spear has come to fight for you. The Persian main force is still strong, but they will believe your army to be exhausted after this victory. They will not expect you to strike again so soon… we must act now!

Victory and Vengeance

Mission 24 Start


Look before you, Archon – thousands of men ready to give their lives for their homeland, their families... for you. They know the odds - and yet still they came. Men such as these are each worth ten of Xerxes’ conscripts. [Turns to the crowd, her voice takes on an echo as if speaking from a balcony to a square.] Warriors! Xerxes’ slaves have been sent to our shores because they were too weak to defend theirs - so will be our fate if we fail. The Archon stands with you! [unsheathes sword] Will you fight for him? Will you fight for your children? What say you!?! [Deafening roar from the army outside the palace.]

Mission 24 End


[SFX, Spartan-style cheer from massive group of warriors.]

Stand tall, Archon - they cheer for you. Many brave men gave their lives for us today - for a cause they believed in. The Persian army is broken and scattered - the survivors we will ride down into the sea. [quieter, somber] Orpheus would be pleased, Archon – his vision is fulfilled; your legend will live on through the ages. [darker tone] Our victory has only one flaw… we have been unable to find Xerxes’ body. If he survived, there is little doubt that he will return. [dark grin] Let him come... he will find us waiting.

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