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Each and every Commander has been authorized to take control of a new Base and build their army again from the ground up.

Since September 25th 2014 all Commanders have been granted permission to take control of a new Base on a new Server. For all you Commanders out there that are tired of being raided by stronger, more experienced players, this is your second chance to take control of Zandia!

For those Commanders interested in a fresh start and wanting to play on a new server, this is how you do it: Open the "Settings" menu in the top-right hand corner of your screen. Then, click the "Server" button and select the Server you wish to play on. You may also access the "Switch Server" menu by clicking on the Server title along the top panel, next to your Base name.

This allows you the opportunity to hedge your bets and take over 2 separate Bases on 2 different Servers, or to simply switch Servers forever and take your chances with your new Base – the choice is yours.

Commanders; this is your chance to make your mark on new unclaimed territories, with new Combines, new battles and new opportunities! Let's hope you've learned from your past experience.

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