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  • Icolos is the first Agreement to be Signed. It unlocks the War Council and is required before anything else can be unlocked. The article can not traded or sold.

Trade & Resource

  • Chalcis unlocks the Port and allows players to trade resources and articles with other players via Galleys. The port also allows you to monitor Galleys in transit.
  • Samos unlocks the Harbor. The Harbor allows a player to increase the capacity of each of their Galleys which in turn permits the player to transfer more resources in a single trade.
  • Alexandria unlocks the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse allows a player to increase the speed of their Galleys and thus reduce the time a trade takes to complete and for their Galleys to return home.
  • Eleusis unlocks the Temple of Demeter. This building is arguably one of the most sought after buildings early in the game as upgrading it reduces the grain consumption of the Archon's units. Fully upgraded the temple provides a massive reduction to grain consumption allowing an Archon to field significantly more units at one time while still producing grain for development and construction.
  • Hephaesta unlocks the Temple of Hephaestus which provides a boost to Bronze production.
  • Orchomenus unlocks the Temple of Pan which provides a boost to Timber production.

City Defense

  • Stymphalos Level 1 unlocks level 1 defensive buildings including towers, walls, and gates.
  • Stymphalos Level 2 unlocks level 2 defensive buildings including towers, walls, and gates.
  • Stymphalos Level 3 unlocks level 3 defensive buildings including towers, walls, and gates.
  • Stymphalos Level 4 unlocks level 4 defensive buildings including towers, walls, and gates.
  • Stymphalos Level 5 unlocks level 5 defensive buildings including towers, walls, and gates.
  • All base defense upgrades require Drachmas for construction


All unit Agreements can be update to level 20. Each update provides a 2% bonus to the offense & defense stats of the unit in questions. At maximum upgrade units will receive a 38% boost. Note however that Scouts do not receive a boost to scouting ability!

Light Infantry

  • Rhodes unlocks the Infantry Camp for training of Light Infantry units. It also allows for the training of Swordsmen, the basic offensive unit.
  • Akanthos unlocks the training of Javelineers the basic defense unit.
  • Ithica unlocks the training of Psilos, a defense unit specializing vs. other infantry units.
  • Athens unlocks the training of Hoplites. Hoplites are stronger and faster than Swordsmen, but cost more to produce.

Heavy Infantry

  • Maroneia unlocks the training of Peltasts. Peltasts are defense units specializing vs Heavy Infantry and Phalanx units. Maroneia also unlocks the Baracks for training Heavy Infantry Units.
  • Farsala unlocks the training of Myrmidons. Myrmidons are raiding specialists with exceptional speed.
  • Crete unlocks the Cretan Archer. Cretan Archers are defense units specializing vs Light and Heavy Infantry.
  • Taras unlocks the Spartan Hoplite. Spartan Hoplites are only as fast as Hoplites but are stronger per grain consumption than Myrmidons.


  • Argos unlocks the Thureophoros. The Thureophoros is a defense unit strong vs Phalanx and Cavalry units. Argos also unlocks the Armory for training Phalanx units.
  • Dion unlocks the Sarissophoros, a decent offense unit traveling at Hoplite speed.
  • Troy unlocks the Trojan Thorakites defense unit. While Thorakites also specialize against Phalanx and Cavalry units, it's stats are more balanced than Thurephoros for handling Infantry Units.
  • Olympia unlocks the Spartan Promachos, a powerful offense unit that moves at Hoplite speed.


  • Delphi unlocks Scouts. Scouts are a scouting unit with weak defense stats and no offense capability. It's two purposes are scouting enemy targets and defending against incoming scouts. Delphi also unlocks the Stables for training Cavalry units. This agreement is unlocked very early on compared to other Cavalry agreements.
  • Corith unlocks the Mounted Peltast. Mounted Peltasts are defensive units comparable to the Thureophoros in that they are also strong vs Phalanx and Cavalry units. They cost more but provide more defense points per unit. Often it will be an even trade off when deciding which unit to build.
  • Pella unlocks the Macedonian Cavalry. This unit is currently the fastest in the game, making it the best unit for hit and run resource raids. Agema Horsemen are stronger but the speed more than makes up for the loss in power.
  • Sparta unlocks the Agema Horesmen. These are currently the most powerful unit in the game. They move as fast as Myrmidons and are currently the final unit in the development tree.


If Players complete all the agreements that do not require GPs to purchase, a 7% passive bonus to the Timber and Bronze production will remain in effect until new agreements are released. At that time, the bonus will be suspended until the Player negotiates the new Agreements.

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